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Everyone is involved in the economy and Economics underpins all aspects of society. It is fundamental to understanding the world in which you live. Economics equips you with the knowledge, understanding and skills to make better economic and financial decisions which will improve your standard of living. Economic concepts are widely used in business and in government when making decisions.

The Curtin Economics Society, the WA Young Economists Network (WA YEN) and the WA Women in Economics Network (WA WEN) are proud to present the upcoming free panel event - 'ECONOMICS: WHERE CAN IT TAKE YOU?'

Ever wondered where studying economics could lead you or what opportunities may come from undertaking work or research in the field. If so, please come along to this free panel event which is open to everyone and will feature a line-up of eminent speakers who will share their unique experiences, insights, tips and much more on the various and diverse career paths and vocational opportunities that an interest and pursuit of economics can lead to.

Plus there'll be some free nibbles on offer to all event attendees, an opportunity for audience members to ask the panel questions and a chance to also informally mingle, network and have further discussions (if you want to) after the formal event proceedings conclude.

The event will be moderated by Cassandra Winzar (Chief Economist, Committee for Economic Development Aust- CEDA) and will include the following panel of speakers:

  • Professor Felix Chan (Head of School of Accounting, Economics & Finance, Curtin University)
  • Sally McMahon (Australian Energy Market Commissioner)
  • Associate Professor Sherry Bawa (Associate Professor & Discipline Lead- Economics, Curtin University)
  • Dr Andrew Brennan (Senior Economics Lecturer, Curtin University)

Event Details

DATE:      Tuesday, 8 August 2023

TIME:      6:30pm - 7:30pm

COST:      Free for Everyone to attend (with complimentary light refreshments also provided)

VENUE:   Hollis Lecture Theatre- Building 401, Curtin University Bentley Campus (Kent Street, Bentley)

Come and learn about a career in economics, from some of the people that do it every day. Learn why economists have the tools to be CEOs, head up government departments, set interest rates or help us transition to a greener future. Learn why becoming an economist means every day of your career will be different, how you can influence others or even become a decision-maker yourself. ABE presents an event for high school students in year 10. Join us from 10:30am to 1pm on Wednesday 02 August, at EY, 11 Mounts Bay Road, Perth. We begin with a panel session featuring four economists discussing economics in the real world and what they do every day. There is no charge for participation and a light lunch will be provided thanks to our generous event sponsors - EY, Western Australia Treasury Corporation and WA Department of Treasury. ABE presents an event for high school students in year 10. Join us from 10:30am to 1pm on Wednesday 02 August, at EY, 11 Mounts Bay Road, Perth. We begin with a panel session featuring four economists discussing economics in the real world and what they do every day. There is no charge for participation and a light lunch will be provided thanks to our generous event sponsors - EY, Western Australia Treasury Corporation and WA Department of Treasury.  Panel participants include Paula Gadsby (EY, Moderator), Craig McGuinness (Western Australia Treasury Corporation), Tomas Cokis (Reserve Bank of Australia), Talia Melsom (WA Department of Treasury) and Aaron Walker (Chamber of Minerals and Energy).

Get ready for the ultimate ATAR economics conference designed to elevate your revision game and prepare you for success! We’re bringing together industry leaders to share their expert insights and knowledge with you.

With a line-up of inspiring speakers, including renowned economist Paul Bloxham (Chief Economist HSBC and Curtin alumni) and special guest Steven Kemp (author of your textbook), you’ll be immersed in a world of economic theory and real-world application.

Date: 27 Apr 2023,
Time: 3:45pm - 4:45pm

The online teacher webinar will shine a spotlight on Developing, administering and marking the Investigation assessment type for Year 11 Economics ATAR.
Experienced Economic teachers will lead discussion of shared experiences and different approaches.

Please contact us if you would like to apply to be a presenter or would like to suggest a teacher who would be a good presenter.

Please forward any questions that you would like answered to executive@etawa.edu.au

RSVP by 26 Apr 2023 4:00pm

The rise and fall of economies, future employment prospects, incomes and living standards are all at the heart of economics. A major in Economics prepares you for work in financial institutions, government, international agencies and the private sector as a forecaster, analyst or consultant.

The University of Western Australia Business School has a number of course offerings in the field of Economics.

UWA Business School Offerings

UWA Business School Economics Roadmap

Click on the link below to find out more information.

Date: Thursday 08 September 2022

Time: 12:45 pm, concludes 2:00 pm

Venue: By Zoom webinar only. Registration in advance is essential.

Zoom details will be provided on registration

Governor Lowe has agreed to take questions from the floor.

Since 2006 The Anika Foundation has presented an annual fundraising event, attended mainly by organisations and individuals engaged in the financial services sector. Every one of these events has included a briefing by the Governor of the Reserve Bank. In 2019 we seated more than 400 guests, including several groups of high school economics students. We raised more than $80,000. In 2020 and 2021 we presented the event as webinars with a nationwide audience and raised about $40,000 each time. All funds raised go directly to the Foundation. All of these events have been generously sponsored. We invite you to join us for a briefing by Governor Lowe by webinar. And to continue to support the Foundation as it works to understand and improve mental health in young people.


RBA Govenor warns it is unclear how high interest rates will go | ABC 7:30

Watch an interview the ABC ran this week where Phillip Lowe discusses the purpose and intention of monetary policy since 2020 as well as the justification for the  "surprising" lifts in the cash rate, as well as some projections for the future.
Classroom discussion could be based on the business cycle and the current macroeconomic indicators of the economy, the role of monetary policy and the reasons why the Reserve Bank might take a particular monetary policy stance.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIWA) Student Economic Forum is back for 2022. Our Student Economic Forum is now in its 25th year.

The Economic Teacher's Association of WA (ETAWA) would like to invite Year 12 students and their teachers to attend the 2022 Student Economic Forum. The event is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCIWA). 

The Careers with STEM hub is a student-focussed website that includes surprising STEM careers pathways, insights into the future of work, 100s of diverse STEM role models, teacher and students events, a back catalogue of Careers with STEM magazines, student career quizzes, videos interviews and much more.

At its meeting today, the Reserve Bank of Australia Board decided to increase the cash rate target by 50 basis points to 1.35 per cent. It also increased the interest rate on Exchange Settlement balances by 50 basis points to 1.25 per cent.

Global inflation is high. It is being boosted by COVID-related disruptions to supply chains, the war in Ukraine and strong demand which is putting pressure on productive capacity. Monetary policy globally is responding to this higher inflation, although it will be some time yet before inflation returns to target in most countries.

Inflation in Australia is also high, but not as high as it is in many other countries. Global factors account for much of the increase in inflation in Australia, but domestic factors are also playing a role. Strong demand, a tight labour market and capacity constraints in some sectors are contributing to the upward pressure on prices. The floods are also affecting some prices.

Tactic Publications will shortly be contacting all schools to promote their series of teaching slides (developed in Powerpoint) for use by Economics teachers. The first set of slides has been written for the macroeconomics chapters of the Discovering Economics text (7th edition).

Each chapter has between 30 and 40 slides that address key concepts in the chapter. Many slides have notes that expand on the information in the slide. Others use ‘animations’ to help teachers explain steps in understanding a concept or skill, such as the calculation of an index number in the slides about inflation.

The copyright status of the slides is CC-BY-NC. This license allows reusers to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format for non-commercial purposes only, and only so long as attribution is given to the creator. In other words, teachers can add or change the slides for their own use.

The slides will be available from July at www.tacticpub.com.au. The price for the set of 7 Unit 2 chapters is $70. A free sample set (the inflation chapter) is available now. Slides for the Unit 1 chapters of the book are currently in development and will be available later in the year.

Please note you are receiving this invitation on behalf of the John Curtin Institute of Public Policy at Curtin University.


Adjunct Professor John Edwards
The economic challenges facing the next Australian government

Date: Friday 13 May, 2022
Time: 4.00pm - 5.15pm
Venue: Online (Registrations close Friday 13 May at 10:00am. A link to the event will be emailed Friday morning of the event.)
Cost: This event is free but registrations are essential

The government elected May 21 will be confronted by high government debt, rising interest rates, slow productivity growth, and serious tensions with our major trading partner, China. The global economy, too, presents challenges to Australia, including war in Europe, hostility between China and the United States, inflation, slowing workforce and productivity growth in the major economies, and adjustment to climate change. How will the new government respond to these challenges, and how will they affect jobs, incomes, wealth, and what we may expect from governments over the next decade?
About the Speaker
John Edwards is an adjunct professor at the JCIPP, a senior fellow with the Lowy Institute, and a former member of the board of the Reserve Bank. He was a long-time chief economist for HSBC Australia, and a former senior economic adviser for treasurer and then prime minister Paul Keating. The first volume of John’s two volume biography of John Curtin, Curtin’s War, won the 2019 Prime Minister’s Literary Award for history. He is now an independent director on the board of the superannuation fund Cbus, where he is a member of the Investment Committee and chair of the Risk Committee. He is also on the board of asset consultant Frontier Advisors.


The Australian Economics Olympiad (AEO) is a series of fun, challenging activities aimed at refining and testing high school students’ mastery of economics.  The AEO builds on and tests students’ knowledge and problem-solving abilities in economics and develops their skills in applying economic facts and reasoning to problems in policy, business, and finance.

Registrations for AEO 2022 can only be done through school teachers, who will then need to invigilate the test in individual schools. All students currently studying in Year 9 and above are welcome to participate, while students in Year 11 and 12 are more likely to be competitive. Please register your interest using the weblink below.

The deadline for registration is 13 May 2022.

There are four new EconoBites available to use in your classroom. Take a look!
Demand for music: This ‘bite’ aims to show how businesses respond to the demands of consumers. Students are to interpret information and/or data to identify key relationships and/or trends. 
Year 7 - Demand for Music

The world of work:  This ‘bite’ aims to show why individuals work. It explores both the material and non-material reasons why people work. These include earning an income, contributing to an individual's self-esteem and personal satisfaction.
Year 7 - The world of work 

Fast Fashion: This ‘bite’ aims to show how participants in the global economy are dependent on each other, including the activities of transnational corporations in the supply chains and the impact of global events on the Australian economy
Year 9 - Fast Fashion

This ‘bite’ aims to examine the impact of rising inflation on the Australian economy. It presents the concept and measurement of inflation, the main sources of inflation and asks students to examine both the impact and policy options to combat inflationary pressures.
Surging Inflation

Good news.
ETAWA's engagement with Treasury will continue in 2022 with three one-off presentations during Terms 2 and 3.
Some topics covered:
The economic role of Treasury
Economic performance
Living Standards

The following dates and times have been confirmed:

Year 10 – Thursday 26 May 3.30-4.30pm (WST)
Year 12 – Tuesday 28 June 3.30-4.30pm (WST)
Year 11 – Term 3 (September 5-6 to be confirmed)

Please register your interest in this event by clicking the link below.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) have just opened expressions of interest for their next Topical Talk, covering Unconventional Monetary Policy.
This topic is a growing area and was included in the most recent Economics ATAR consultation draft syllabus due to be implement in the coming years.
This is a professional development presentation aimed at Economics educators across Australia. 
This PL opportunity will be held via Zoom at 2.00pm (WST) on Monday, 16 May. 

Dr Marion Kohler, Head of Domestic Markets, will discuss how the RBA's approach to monetary policy implementation has evolved during the pandemic.

Tuesday 19 April

Federal Election 2022

Presenter: Mr Antony Green, Chief Election Analyst, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Tuesday 19 April, from 12:00 pm

On March 29th, the Commonwealth Government announced its budget for spending and revenue for the year ending June 2023. The Treasurer announced that the forecast underlying cash balance position for the 2022/23 financial year was a deficit of $78.0 billion (or 3.4% of GDP).

Mr Green will present a budget briefing and has agreed to take questions from the audience.

If interested, visit the link below and register online for this event.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) have just released a new Explore Economics video series.

These videos are a great resources to share with your Year 10 Humanities and Social Sciences students early in Term 2 who will soon be making their Senior School subject selections. The videos are aimed at encouraging students to take an interest in economics.

The series features the personal stories of four young RBA economists - Claire, Lea, Philipp and Samuel - who share how they came to choose economics, where it has led them and what they love about the subject. 

There are also two additional videos.

The first video can be used in Year 7-10 Economics where the economists share some of the economics concepts they use in their daily life.

The second video is relevant to Year 10 Economics and Business and the ways that businesses and the government responds to economic conditions. It focuses on how the pandemic has affected the work of an economist.   

This video series can be shown in your classroom or for subject selection to inspire students to study economics. 

As part of the HASS Week celebrations, the HASSWA committee and the School of Education at Curtin University will be hosting HASS Bites, an online event on Saturday 12 March from 9am.

Experienced primary and secondary teachers will present resources and activities for Years 1-6, 7 and 10 HASS subjects and answer questions based on these activities.

If interested, visit the link below and register online for this event.

Welcome to the newsletter for the RBA's education program, designed to keep you up-to-date on our latest resources and events. 
In this issue
New Current Economic Conditions video
Reminder: Economist talks
New Current Economic Conditions video
We have just released our latest Current Economic Conditions video. RBA economist Nalini Agarwal takes students through the latest developments in the Australian economy.  
Reminder: Economist talks
Book an RBA economist talk for your class. Dates are available from 21-25 February and from 23-27 May. All talks are free of charge.

New Life Member Inductee - Sunila Singh

New Life Member Inductee - Sunila Singh

ETAWA as a professional association has since its inception relied on the time and expertise of teachers who have volunteered to be involved in its organisation and conduct. The Association recognises the outstanding service of individuals through Life Membership.
This year the Association acknowledges the work of Sunila Singh, the latest inductee to ETAWA's life membership. Sunila has been an enthusiastic and committed member of the ETAWA Executive over the past four years. Sunila is keen to promote the study of Economics, is a highly regarded teacher of Economics and creates links with other stakeholders.

Professional Teaching Council of Western Australia (PTCWA) Outstanding Professional Service Awards

Professional Teaching Council of Western Australia (PTCWA) Outstanding Professional Service Awards

The Professional Teaching Council of Western Australia (PTCWA) Outstanding Professional Service Awards recognises an individual member’s outstanding professional contribution to education in Western Australia, made in a voluntary capacity to their professional teachers’ association. It is with great pleasure to announce that ETAWA's own Chris Stone was awarded with the posthumous PTCWA Professional Service Award for 2021. 

Erin Stone with (daughter) with Patrick Garnett being presented with the posthumous PTCWA Professional Service Award for Chris Stone.

The AGM for this year will be held at the Mount Lawley Golf Club on Friday 12th November commencing at 4.15pm.
At this meeting the Association will be calling for nominations to be part of the Executive for the upcoming academic year. We invite members to register their interest to join the committee for 2022.

In preparation for the meeting please review the following items:
Nomination form for the ETAWA 2022 Executive
2020 AGM Minutes

You must RSVP by 11 Nov 2021 12:00pm

The Reserve Bank's 2021 Teacher Immersion Event will be held on Tuesday, 16 November. This professional learning event provides an excellent opportunity for secondary school Economics teachers across Australia to expand their knowledge of current economic issues and deepen their understanding of economic concepts. The event will feature short addresses by the Governor, Deputy Governor and Chief Economist, along with other senior economists from the RBA, and there will be opportunities to ask questions.

New Explainer: NAIRU
In response to teacher requests, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has created a new Explainer covering the Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment (NAIRU). It explores what the NAIRU is, why it is important and what determines its level. 

Upcoming events and publications

ETAWA Examination Review and Member Sundowner - Friday 16 February 2024

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