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The Reserve Bank's 2021 Teacher Immersion Event will be held on Tuesday, 16 November. This professional learning event provides an excellent opportunity for secondary school Economics teachers across Australia to expand their knowledge of current economic issues and deepen their understanding of economic concepts. The event will feature short addresses by the Governor, Deputy Governor and Chief Economist, along with other senior economists from the RBA, and there will be opportunities to ask questions.

New Explainer: NAIRU
In response to teacher requests, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has created a new Explainer covering the Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment (NAIRU). It explores what the NAIRU is, why it is important and what determines its level. 

Economic Update video
A recording of our recent Economic Update webinar for senior high school students is now available on our Videos page. The talk covers the latest developments in the Australian economy and features Rachael Fitzpatrick and chief economist Luci Ellis.  

EconoBites are 'bite sized' items that you can use with your students. The emphasis is on applications of Economics to current situations or events that are relevant to the syllabus content for a particular year. Check out the two latest EconoBites for Year 11 and 12 Economics teachers and students.
Suitable for the Year 12 Unit 3 topics, Pattern of Trade and Balance of Payments, this ‘bite’ explores the changing pattern of trade in Australia since 2010.
Australia's Trade (NEW)

This econobite explores Australia's macroeconomic performance since the start of the global pandemic. It looks at changes in Real GDP and spending patterns since 2017. Suitable for Year 11 students studying Australia's macroeconomic performance.
The economy continues to recover after the recession of 2020 (NEW)

In addition to our regular publications, ETAWA has recently developed a practice Semester 2 examination for Year 11 (Units 1 and 2).
This is available now to order online.
The examination has been written by an experienced writer and includes the examination, a multiple choice answer sheet and an analytical marking key that reflects the marking guides used in the final ATAR examination developed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.
This will be a great resource for teachers to use with their Year 11 students leading up to the examination period.

The price for the examination is only $30.

The Year 11 Practice examination (and marking key) will be dispatched via email within 48 hours of purchase.

Saturday 28th August, 2021

Steven Kemp, Co-Author of ‘Investigating Economics’ presented a revision seminar on Unit 3 and 4 of the Economics ATAR course. This seminar covered the key concepts and models from the Unit 3 and 4 content, as well as provide tips and hints on how you can improve your exam performance in the 2021 Economics ATAR Examination.
This presentation will be available to all students until Monday 13th September. Click on the 'Read More' link below to access the presentation.

The CCIWA Student Economic Forum in partnership with the Economics Teacher's Association of WA  is now in its 24th year. 
We're pleased to present 2021 year 12 economic students with study support resources and career advice. 
The Student Economic Forum page includes:

Study Tips for the 2021 Economics ATAR Examination presented by Steven Kemp
Career guidance and advice
Economics resources on the state of the WA economy

Please visit the forums website by clicking on the link below.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has released the following communication regarding our upcoming online events which you may be interested in.
New online education events
Registrations are now live for two new webinars, designed to support Economics teachers and students.
These events are free of charge and will be run via Zoom.

Topical Talk –
Determinants of the Australian Dollar over Recent Years  
Date: Wednesday, 18 August
Time: 3.30 pm - 4.30 pm (AEST)
Intended audience: Economics teachers
Student Webinar – Economic Update (Students should register directly.)
Date: Tuesday, 14 September
Time: 3.30 pm - 4.30 pm (AEST)
Intended audience: Senior high school student

Student Webinar – Economic Update (Students should register directly.)
Date: Tuesday, 14 September
Time: 3.30 pm - 4.30 pm (AEST)
Intended audience: Senior high school students

Bradley Jones, Head of Economic Analysis, talks about the economic effects of COVID-19 on the Australian economy and how the economy has recovered. (This was presented as part of the Topical Talk series, which supports teacher professional development.)

The publication is now available for purchase. It provides an invaluable tool to support Year 12 teachers and students in preparation for the 2021 examination. The Guide is $40 including postage and handling. Order now.

RBA: Topical Talks

RBA: Topical Talks

In this free professional development event for teachers, Head of Economic Analysis, Bradley Jones, will speak on The Economic Effects of COVID-19 and the Recovery.

The COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to a historically large and rapid shock to the economy. This presentation will trace out the evolution of the shock, its unique elements, and what we have learned along the path to recovery.

Thursday, 13 May 2021, 3.45 pm – 4.45 pm (AEST)

You can still book for your students to attend one of our Online Student Talks in May:

Monetary Policy and Current Economic Conditions (aimed at  Years 11 and 12)

Introduction to Economics (aimed at Years 9 and 10)

Register here:

Express interest now to attend this online event at:

Ahead of the end of financial year, the ATO has prepared a range of resources to help teachers and education professionals this tax time.
It’s important that everyone understands what they can and can’t claim at tax time and how to best prepare and lodge their returns, especially after a challenging year. 

Resources include:

  1. Poster for teachers and education professionals– This downloadable poster provides helpful information and a summary on which expenses that teachers and education professionals can and cannot claim at tax time.
  2. Teachers and education professionals Toolkit – This toolkit contains practical and tailored information and tips to help anyone in the education sector including teachers, education professionals and office workers, understand what they can and can’t claim in their tax return.
  3. Template social media posts and a suggested newsletter article ready to use, for you to include in your relevant communication channels, available on pages 12 and 13 of the Teachers and education professionals Toolkit.

Annual Shann Memorial Lecture 2021
Monetary Policy During Covid with Guy Debelle (RBA) The UWA Business School Economics Department is pleased to invite you to attend this year's Shann Memorial Lecture, Monetary Policy During Covid, on Thursday 6 May.
The RBA Deputy Governor will discuss the actions the Bank has taken over the past year and the impact they are having on the Australian economy and financial markets. There will also be the opportunity for Q&A. 

Dr Guy Debelle commenced as Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia on 18 September 2016. He is Deputy Chair of the Reserve Bank Board and Chair of the Reserve Bank's Risk Management Committee. Prior to his current role, Dr Debelle was the Assistant Governor (Financial Markets).

Date: Thursday 6 May 2021

Time: 5:00pm - 6:15pm

Venue: Wesfarmers Lecture Theatre, UWA Business School

Hackett Drive, Entrance 4
35 Stirling Hwy, Perth WA 6009

Free to attend, registrations essential



The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is undertaking research to provide insights into Australia’s economic teachers, the challenges they face and how the RBA can support. The Bank would be grateful if you would please complete the survey and ensure those in your communities of practice and networks also participate.  The RBA is hoping to obtain a representative picture, which can be applied to best support teachers going forward. Therefore, it is in our collective interest that as many ETAWA members complete the survey.  The short questionnaire will explore the challenges faced by Economics teachers, and what could be done to better promote and support the teaching and learning of Economics in Australia.
The survey has just launched at:

To celebrate HASS Week 2021, and promote the study of Economics and Business, the Economics Teachers’ Association of Western Australia is running an Economics-themed political cartoon competition. The cartoons can be based on one of three themes relating to the current economic climate:

  • Vaccine led recovery
  • Business responses during COVID
  • The Great Reset

Entries must be received by 4 pm Thursday, 1st April 2021.
For more information on how to enter click on the link below.

The Western Australian Year 10 Economics and Business textbook from E & B Education titled Economic Performance and Living standards is now available.

The key topics are:

  • Consumers’ purchasing and financial decisions
  • Improving productivity
  • Economic goals and performance
  • Australia’s economic performance over time
  • Comparing economic performance across countries
  • Well-being
  • Ways that businesses respond to economic conditions
  • Ways that government responds to economic conditions.

To support teachers E&B Education have written a book that contains:
  • student reading that covers all the Year 10 content descriptions
  • 37 learning activities designed to develop students' HASS skills, and
  • reflection points at the end of each topic.

Economic Performance and Living standards is available for order now via the link below.

New Current Economic Conditions video

New Current Economic Conditions video

Following this month’s Statement on Monetary Policy, a video summarising Current Economic Conditions has just been released. RBA Economist Tomas Cokis takes students through the latest developments in the Australian economy. 

Vale Chris Stone

Vale Chris Stone

On the 7th January 2021, Chris Stone the elected President of the Economics Teachers’ Association of Western Australia (ETAWA) passed away suddenly. The Association extends its condolences to Chris’ family and friends. As a life member of the Association, Chris was a role model and highly respected Economics and Humanities and Social Sciences teacher. His contribution extended beyond the classroom as a curriculum and textbook writer, and through his work in assessment and moderation. Chris made a difference in education and his knowledge, wisdom and enthusiam for teaching economics will be greatly missed.

For 2021, the RBA have scheduled an extensive series of online talks throughout the academic year, via Zoom. There are two talk types to choose from:

Monetary Policy & Current Economic Conditions (aimed at Years 11 and 12) – An economist will share insights on how the RBA conducts monetary policy, and current conditions in the Australian economy. A recent graduate will also share insights on his or her career path and role, discussing the benefits of studying Economics. Introduction to Economics (aimed at Years 9 and 10) – An economist will provide an introduction to the economy, the role of the RBA, and the benefits of studying economics.
Talks from February to May 2021 have now been uploaded to the website. Teachers can register for any of the talks and will be sent a link nearer the time, which they will be able to share with their students.  
As with all the RBA’s resources, talks and events are free.  
Registrations can be made at:

Semester 1 and Semester 2, past Year 11 and 12 Examinations may be found in the ‘members resources’ section of the website. This is a great resource for students to access practice questions. Marking keys are also provided.

Year 10, 11 and 12 students would all benefit from reading and interpreting the latest graph/chart of consumer spending from illion, in partnership with economists at AlphaBeta. Tab 1 shows the initial decline in consumer spending and then the impact of the policy measures that have increased spending. Tab 2 shows the wide variation between spending categories. Andrew Charlton from AlphaBeta was interviewed on ABC TV in August 2020 about the impact of Victoria's Stage 4 lockdown on the flow of goods. Will a similar impact be felt following the NSW lockdown for Christmas?

Here are two more videos that the RBA has recently added to their website. Gross Domestic Product - Gigi Lovicu explains the concept of GDP. He covers the three main measures of GDP and what is not included in GDP. The section on what’s not included would be useful when Year 10 students are looking at measures of economic activity and wellbeing. The section about the three main measures and how they are used is interesting and probably best presented to Year 11 students in the macro economics unit 

The RBA has recently added more videos to their website. The following pair by Gian-piero (Gigi) Lovicu would be excellent to use in Year 10 Economics and Business when students start to look at graphs (also known as charts) that represent economic data for inflation, unemployment and economic growth.
Reading and Interpreting Charts
Gigi talks about the components of charts that are created from economic data and the things to consider when interpreting them. [Part 1, Part 2]

Upcoming events and publications