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The Reserve Bank of Australia has been building up its collection of resouces for students studying Economics. Read the notice from the RBA about recent changes/updated to its educational resources. Thanks to Lorna Wardle, ETAWA immediate past President, for alerting us to this.

Another RBA resource for students that really impressed me is one of the activities: Building Charts using RBA Statistical Tables. It is a great way to develop students' skills in data manipulation and presentation. It would be useful in Economics and Business as well as in the Year 11-12 macro units.

If your students are entering the Murdoch University/ETAWA economic forecasting competition a useful resource you could use in class is: You Make the Decision – the Cash Rate - it's best done just prior to the first Tuesday of the month when the Board's actual decision is made and announced (for example, just before 3 April 2018, 1 May or 5 Jun). To engage your students in monetary policy you could repeat the prediction each month.

Access to all the RBA resources is via the education tab in the top right-hand corner of the Bank's home page at: https://www.rba.gov.au/

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