ATAR Examination info

For many years chief marker Steve Kemp has provided an analysis of each year's ATAR Economics examination at the annual ETAWA Examination Sundowner. Steve's review provides useful 'lessons learned' for teachers and students alike. Members can download the reviews of the 2017 and 2016 examinations from the Year 11 and 12 section on the Members Resources page when logged in. This is another reason for your school to join up for 2018 (a school membership is cost effective as it can have multiple individuals registered - which caters for situations where there are two or more teachers of Economics and provides access to Year 7-10 HASS teachers delivering Economics and Business).

Promoting Economics

Did anyone see the news articles a couple of weeks ago about the Prime Minister’s comments on too many students studying Law? One example can be found on the ABC News web site (see While directed at budding university students, Mr Turnbull’s remarks are relevant to secondary school students choosing subjects for next year. Although I’m guilty of a bit of selective quotation here, the PM actually said 'frankly, you would be better off doing economics'. His point was that many students see Law as a background for many jobs, but would be better off in the long term with the ‘intellectual endowment’ that su

RBA educational resources

The Reserve Bank of Australia has been building up its collection of resouces for students studying Economics. Read the notice from the RBA about recent changes/updated to its educational resources. Thanks to Lorna Wardle, ETAWA immediate past President, for alerting us to this. Another RBA resource for students that really impressed me is one of the activities: Building Charts using RBA Statistical Tables. It is a great way to develop students' skills in data manipulation and presentation. It would be useful in Economics and Business as well as in the Year 11-12 macro units. If your students are entering the Murdoch University/ETAWA economic forecasting competition a useful resource you co

New website and branding for ETAWA

What a week it's been. As you can see the new website is operational. We hope that you will appreciate the design. The ease and the speed at which the content can be updated will ensure that executive members can constantly update the site. All members who have paid for 2018 will have received an email with an attachment detailing how to create your login for the members resources section. Remember that you need to allow two working days for activation of your account. If you are yet to join then use one of the links from the home page.

Semester 1 examinations

ETAWA is publishing examinations for Semester 1. Current members who are employed in a school can order the Year 11 and/or Year 12 exams online. Members can access prices and details from the Year 11 and 12 section on the Additional resources page.

Great free professional learning

The John Curtin Institute of Public Policy (JCIPP) often provides events that are useful Professional Learning for teachers of senior secondary Economics. I attended the recent presentation by Harry Bloch on Schumpeter's economic growth theory. It was interesting to hear the links in the theory between innovation, entrepreneurs and economic growth. Harry emphasised the impacts of disruptive technologies and the link to prices. The next presentation by Dr Herve Le Bihan (economist at the Banque de France and Visiting Research Fellow at the Curtin Business School) regarding the low inflation world in advanced economies also promises to be very intersting for teachers of Economics. This free Cu

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