Econs is on the radio

ABC Radio has launched a new series for their program ‘The Money’ (Thursday at 5.30pm and repeated Friday at 1.30pm). The series called 'The Economists' on Radio National 'uses the tools of economics to shine a light on life'. The first two episodes were on 'The economics of love and loyalty' and ‘Is education a waste of time and money'! There was some fascinating discussion. As Molly would say, ‘Do yourself a favour’ and get The Economists, on your ABC Listen App or wherever you get your podcasts. There are also many past episodes of ‘The Money’ that are interesting. You would probably not use all of an episode in class. But ‘bits’ can provide an innovative ‘hook’ to get students started on

RBA have spotted a problem

Last year Jacqui Dwyer from the RBA addressed the Business Educators Australasia Annual Council Meeting regarding the decline in Economics enrolments in high schools in New South Wales. She observed that despite its vital importance for students' lives fewer were taking it and that the subject has in her opinion an 'image problem'. 'Economics is not the only analytical subject to have been displaced by new and arguably less demanding subjects. The same challenge has arisen for STEM subjects'. However we have seen alot about the need to increase STEM numbers and little about the need for students to learn Economics. Read Jacqui's speech here - Studying Economics: The Decline in Enrolments and

Learning from summer TV

I loved the Magellan advertisement screened so frequently during the summer of cricket on TV. It showed the global linkages of the modern world – the bloke heading out to a Japanese restaurant, checking his Australian shares on his Korean made phone and then having a Dutch beer… It would be a great ‘hook’ to introduce Year 9 students to the idea of economic interaction between countries. Maybe the beer/bar scene is not perfect for high school kids – so I found a longer (2 min 30 sec) video on the WTO website that is just as good – ‘Trade matters to me’ from EandB Education at

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