David King Scholarship

ETAWA is providing a $2,500 scholarship for one ETAWA member teaching Economics and/or Economics and Business to attend an Economics-related conference in 2020. Entries close at 5.00 pm on Friday, 7 February 2020.

The recipient will be contacted by email, and be announced at the 2020 ETAWA ATAR EXAMINATION REVIEW SEMINAR on Friday, 21 February 2020.

Application Form 



Events & dates for your diary 2020

Upcoming events/dates


Term 1 2020

Semester 1 Examinations for Year 11 and Year 12

Orders open 24 February (Week 3)

Delivery by 27 March (Week 7)


Good Answer Guide 2019

Available for purchase from 24 February

Published 6 April (Week 10)


Term 2 2020

Semester 2 Examinations for Year 11 and Year 12

Orders open 1 June (Week 5)

Delivery by 24 August (Term 3, Week 6)


Year 12 Moderation Workshop

Week beginning 17 June (Week 8)

RBA Immersion Event (Sydney)

Sunday 21 June (Week 9)


Term 3 2020

Reserve Bank of Australia classroom visits

Week beginning 29 July (Week 2)



3 – 7 August (Week 3)


HASS Week Cartoon Competition

Week beginning 5 August (Week 3)

Closes 9 August (Week 3)


Reserve Bank of Australia Seminar

Week beginning 13 August (Week 3)


Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Student Economic Forum

Friday 14 August (Week 4)

Friday 21 August (Week 5)


Student Revision Seminar (Metro)

Saturday 12 September (Week 8)


Student Revision Seminar (Bunbury)

Sunday 13 September (Week 8)


Term 4 2020

ETAWA Biennial Conference

Friday 27 November at Notre Dame University


Completed events/dates

Term 1 2019


2019 Examination Review and Sundowner

Friday 21 February (Week 4)


 Steven Kemp 


  • Steven Kemp has secured sponsorship by Curtin University for school visits in 2020. This offers our members a great opportunity to get Mr. Kemp to come to your school for a Revision Seminar or to present on a specific topic. If you're interested you can contact Steven direct at stevenkemp@me.com


  • EconoBites are published regularly on the ETAWA website targeting Years 5 & 6, 7 to 10 Economics and Business and Years 11 & 12 Economics.


Events and dates for your diary 2020

Upcoming events/dates

Coming Soon

Completed events/dates

Term 1 2019

  • Week 1 Treasury Essay Competition launch (closes Week 1 Term 3 25 July) - see below for details

  • Week 3 Murdoch University Forecasting Competition (closes Week 10 Term 1) - see below for details

  • Week 10 Good Answer Guide 2018 available for purchase

Term 3 2019

  • Week 1 Thursday 25 July - Treasury Essay Competition closes 

  • Week 2 Reserve Bank Australia classroom visits 

  • Week 3 Friday 9 August - Chamber of Commerce and Industry Student Economic Forum

  • Week 4 Friday 16 August - Chamber of Commerce and Industry Student Economic Forum

  • Week 8 Saturday 14 September - Student ATAR Economics Revision Seminar at Notre Dame University


Competitions 2019

1. Treasury/ETAWA Schools Economics Competition

Submissions are now open for the Treasury/ETAWA Annual Schools Economics Competition. The competition is run by the Western Australian Department of Treasury (Treasury) and the Economic Teachers Association of Western Australia (ETAWA) and is open to all Year 11 and 12 students enrolled in Western Australian secondary schools.

Submissions are due by 11.59 pm (AWST) on Thursday, 25 July 2019. Students are encouraged to submit their entries as soon as possible to avoid clashes with peak periods in the academic year.

Students are asked to prepare a 1,000 word document on one of the following two questions:

Using economic indicators of the Western Australian economy in tables and/or graphs, analyse the current state of the Western Australian economy and identify the major economic issues it is facing.


Based on the data, prepare advice for the Treasurer of Western Australia describing the States’ economic growth story and recommending a plan of action for the Government to improve Western Australia’s economic performance.




The last decade has seen big changes to the global economic order: the rise and fall of free trade and globalisation, the growth of the sharing economy, the rise of Asia as an economic power, the introduction of artificial intelligence in the workforce, rising inequality, the continued growth of multinational companies … the list goes on.


Choose any two major global economic changes and discuss how each has impacted on the Australian economy and in particular on the Western Australia economy.

Student information pack

2. Murdoch University/ETAWA Economic Indicators Forecasting Competition 

Students have entered their predictions of where a range of economic indicators will be on 30 June 2019. The winners will be announced in July/August.

3. HASS Week 2019 - ETAWA Cartoon Competition 

To celebrate HASS Week 2019, the Economics Teachers’ Association of WA is ran a cartoon competition. This was based on three themes relating to the current economic climate:


  • Economic growth is falling: what will save us?

  • Trade wars

  • Economics: it’s all about interdependence


Any school teaching the West Australian curriculum was invited to submit up to three student-created entries. Entries were required to be created by hand, using software or some combination of the two.


Each entry needed to meet the following criteria:


Be accompanied by a completed entry form – note that students may work individually or in groups of up to 3

Be accompanied by a completed parent consent form for each student in the group

Be no more than 16cm x 12 cm in size (either portrait or landscape)


There was a $300 prize for the best entry in each theme. The judges’ decision was based on:


  • Demonstrated understanding of Economics concepts

  • Effective commentary or criticism relating to a current economic issue

  • Effective communication: use of one or more illustrations, with or without text

  • Year level of the student(s) who created the cartoon

  • Originality


Entries closed on Friday 26 July.

The winners of the competition were:

Economic growth is falling: what will save us?

Tom Martin




Trade wars

Cherry Muangnoi










Economics: it's all about interdependence




















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